43 days until the Edinburgh marathon and I’m scared

by jeffarmstrong

Made it!
Its my first post in a while and it’s not about photography.

Its about pain.

I like to exercise and all that but a marathon? How the heck do I make these decisions? I am running in the Edinburgh Marathon this year and I am totally unprepared. I mean, I run, I have an active job, I cycle, I walk everywhere. But a marathon. Even the name makes me think of Mount Olympus and Achilles. Greek god/ athlete I am not.

But I am determined. I will be raising money for the charity Help the Hospices through my  JustGiving page. I hope to raise £1000 to help them with their extraordinary work supporting UK hospices.

Every little helps.

You can follow my progress on my twitter page where I will be updating my training, fundraising progress and my general pain for all to see. There are about another 140 runners for Help the Hospices. We hope to really make a difference through our personal suffering and our generous donations.

26.2 miles is a long, painful way to run but helping the ones you love when they are ill is a real test of endurance. I hope we can add just a little comfort and support to their day.

Thanks for reading and give generously at my JustGiving page.