Recipe for Decilicious

by jeffarmstrong

Serendipity x Providence + Inspiration = Delicious!

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, Sprouted Kitchen, I decided to do a little blurb about tonight’s dinner. This entry is a bit different from that wonderful site however in that, where sprouted kitchen is all planned out with great recipes made from raw, fresh ingredients, my post will be… serendipitous. Man I love that word!

Earlier today, after an great deal of stress (long story. I’ll tell you later) I decided to pop down to Asda to pick up something quick. Providence put a few lovely little bits in my way though leaving me salivating anticipation down my shirt front.

Whole Trout: £1.00 (bagged incorrectly from what I could tell), Mediterranean Veg: £1.50 (full price), 200mL Asda Cava: £1.64.

I don’t like to keep any business affiliations, that is, I am pretty neutral in fact particularly disloyal when it comes to grocery shopping, but £4.14 is pretty bloody good for a dinner in! With wine.

Get it home, throw it all in a baking dish. Add a little chilli to the vegetables in olive oil with herbs. Some parsley and lemon on that whole trout and in the oven at 180° for about 45 minutes. No mess, no fuss.

This is not usually my style. I like to chop, marinate, sizzle and drizzle but this really was just a fortunate series of events which ended in exactly what I wanted. So, Whole baked trout with mediterranean vegetables and a balsamic reduction. I’m sure I’ve paid fifteen quid for that somewhere.

Be Good!