mediterranian morning

by jeffarmstrong

I have made a return, of sorts. From Cyprus I am now in Poland for a few weeks. I may pick up some work here but if not I can spend some time doing my own stuff, which is cool.

The image above was taken early in the morning from Kourion Beach near Episkopi, Cyprus, the village in which we have been working the last two months. It ranks as one of my favorites. It feels exactly like it felt to be there. Subtle colors. Cool and smooth. We swam there but not for very long. A bit chilly but refreshing.

At f22 my meter wanted to give me 1/4 to 1/2 second which froze the water and just made it a bit boring. I was at my highest available aperture and lowest ISO with a polariser on. So in the absence of a neutral gray filter, what to do to get up to the required 2 seconds for that beautiful silky water?

Just blow it out. Actually, shooting in RAW there is a lot more information in the highlighted areas and the shadows so it makes a bit of sense to shoot a little brighter than what your camera might suggest. So even if you’ve got clipping in your info screen, as long as the histogram is good you will have an image.

In fact in the RGB histogram many images will have a lot more of one color that the other two. You can push the dominant colour to the very edge and still get a great image.

Now, I don’t carry a light meter. I usually set to aperture priority see the result and take it from there. I got mildly ridiculed for this once but realized that in studio work I would take a dozen meter readings before ever taking a shot. Shooting in Av is about the same thing in my opinion and I use it as a tool a lot.

If one takes the argument to its logical conclusion then even shooting fully automatic seems reasonable if the results are what you intend. My intention here was to portray a cool, serene and silvery morning. I could only do that using manual settings. So the tool works for me.

What’s the point? No idea. Just the thought’s in my head. I’m printing this image to canvas as a gift for some friends of ours today. I hope the results are good.

Thanks and be good,