Kourion Cliff Walk

by jeffarmstrong

Did panoramic just get too easy?

I got Photoshop CS4 a few months ago and was immediately amazed at how easy it is create panoramic images. Even hand held I can stitch 3, 4, 5 images together almost effortlessly. As many as I like.

I guess this is good. I kind of liked the challenge of stitching and then blending a panoramic manually. It was fun. Now it’s just a click…

There is a trick though. Well two: 1) Take the images with PLENTY of overlap and 2) pick to right combine mode i.e spherical, cylindrical etc… Fortunately, with patience you can try them all, if you get the images right in the first place. That’s it. Simple. Hehehehe…

I guess I am just going to have to combine my other favorite digital technique, HDR, and find some new challenges in this area.

I’m still in Cyprus. Having a great life. The dream comes to an end soon though. Or another begins. Off to Poland for a while. Postponing reality for a bit longer. where will that next pay check come from?

That’s all for now. Talk soon.

Be good, Jeff