A day trip to Lefkara, Cyprus

by jeffarmstrong

Doing this on a Saturday without a car requires hiking or, in our case, hitchhiking, something I am new to.

There are so many beautiful shots in Cyprus I am spoiled for choice. That got me to thinking about inspiration and motivation.

At the moment things are pretty easy. I’ve got enough money to get by. Somebody cooks for me during the week. It’s a 20 minute walk to the beach in the heat past terraced grape vines and olive groves. Beer is cheap. My girls is here and I am content.

It’s really been tough to find things to write about amongst all this goodness. Not that I am always complain-blogging but my ideas often come when I’m pissed about something. Maybe life is too good or I’m just not used to being completely content.

So, what does a photo blog become without things to bitch about? Let’s see…

I find it difficult to delete.

I have spent the last couple of days cleaning up my storage devices of images in raw format that I have not looked at in two years. So: delete: delete: delete. Get rid of those repetitions, misfires, if I ranked it with a two or three; out it goes. If it never got used; bye-bye. If, after two years, I can’t see a new angle or editing technique or apply a new useful idea to it, it’s G.O.N.E baby!

To be fair I only cleared up 14GB of memory. Not bad but compared to the couple of hundred gig I have stored away, not a big deal. I guess I’ll have another go next spring.

BTW, Scott Kelby gave some great advice. If your doing a job. Instead of using you hard drives external or otherwise, separate these onto pen drives. They are stable, cheap, reliable and easy to store.

Maybe it can work for personal images as well. These can even be named electronically, some can be physically labelled and if your using an LCD picture frame for example, they can be easily changed depending on your mood or your visitors i.e. mother, ex-gilfriend, new girlfriend 😀

Something to ponder.

Be good, Dzeffski