blue sky panorama

by jeffarmstrong

This is the beautiful Mediterranean blue sky over Cyprus.

I don’t usually go in for sky shots. You see it every day but having been in Edinburgh for the past five years I actually haven’t seen in that much.

The reason I am putting it up though is because it was a bit of a test for the new CS4 photo merge.

I use a polarising filter in Cyprus almost all the time. There is plenty of light for it and the colours become much more vibrant. The sky also polarises differently depending on where the sun is so it is often difficult to blend without a lot of work. CS4 worked a treat however, with very little post merge blending work required. This turns out to be a great boon in a lot of situations both including and excluding sky. Evening out light in the blended areas makes for a much more natural and easily edited image.

So, back to ‘wrork’. Blue skies and archeology.