by jeffarmstrong

There is something bitter sweet about zoos. I love animals and I believe in research and conservation. I really enjoy watching penguins and lions, monkeys and zebras and all the rest.

My girlfriend said it makes her feel guilty. I think this sentiment sums up exactly how I feel. Like locking your sibling in the wardrobe. It seems like fun at the time but tears and crying can break your heart.

Edinburgh zoo is a fantastic facility and the keepers and scientists there really believe in their role as conservators of the worlds bio-diversity. It just seems sad, like taking away a kind of dignity.

It is of course a mistake to transfer human emotions onto animals. While they have an amount of awareness, intelligence and instinctive reaction, giving them PERSONalities is probably incorrect.

To be fair, the penguins seem perfectly delighted with all the attention, so perhaps my guilt is misplaced.

So, this image is the view from the top of the hill at the zoo. I shot this hand-held and stitched it with Photoshop CS4. In previous versions I would have to work VERY hard to achieve such a seamless panoramic but this one is pretty good. I think I will go on a pano-crazy rampage for a while…