Some niche photojournalism (not by me)

by jeffarmstrong



OK, so it’s not mine but if I had the ‘kahonnes’ to be a photojournalist and actually liked people (in my images I mean) then this is how I would shoot.

This is an educational blog and I want to put some info out there just in case any vapid but enthusiastic 17yo political activist wannabes happen by my blog.

  1. Anarchism. It does NOT mean you get to do what ever you want. It is the principle that humanity has an innate sense of justice and that by removing systems of authority the natural law would assert itself through social dynamics. Having said this however, anarchistic dogma is decidedly chaotic.
  2. Socialism and Marxism. While Marxist philosophy (if such a thing really exists) is pro-socialist, the socialist movement is not particularly Marxist in any practical sense. The wealth divide of the Soviet Republic, the mistrust of authority inherent in the contemporary Polish culture and the mental instability of most of North Korea are anecdotal examples of this paradox.
  3. While alcoholism and violence have, in the past, been the byproduct of oppressive regimes, in the democratic west you can get help for those sorts of things while in the fascist east they invented RUSSIAN ROULETTE. I would not suggest for a second the violent, alcoholic protesters TRY IT! It is, however, an option. OK, that part was not so educational except about my psyche but it’s staying in.
  4. Blah, bla, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda… Oh, you stopped listening. I guess I’m done then. Just one more thing: the G-20 is a potentially positive force that could revolutionize the worlds economic system. The G8 is an evil plot by either Satan or aliens designed to weaken the human race before crushing us into oblivion. That’s not on the G8 website but a homeless guy told me. I think. He was speaking Polish and mine is not that good. He may have been asking for vodka. Is ‘spisek cudzoziemcy’ a brand of alcohol? ask your Polish friends.

Yes, I lost my train of thought so I will sum up. Stupid Protesters: Bad, Photographers: Good (mostly), Vodka: Good, Aliens: Bad.

Usually I will start or end with one of my images but for today I am too exhausted and it is Palm Sunday and the beautiful mass beckons.

That’s all. Point made. I wonder. Short Sentences. Two words. How many? That’s it. Actually, no. One more. I’m done.