Remember wozofoto?

by jeffarmstrong

Well, I have been given the honor of having one of my images posted for sale on this wonderful site. By strange coincidence it happens to be the image I posted here last week. Maybe it’s because Jon, the great wozofoto curator read my blog and saw it was one of my favorites but I prefer to think of it as providence… That’s my personal deception and I am sticking to it!

I have to mention again what a great idea this is. Wozofoto is the type of site that will generate interest in fine art photography without creating an elitist atmosphere that I find counter productive to the development of this genre.

Each of the featured artists on this site has a different style, a variety of passions and motivations and everyone of them is worth seeing. I personally pray for the success of this site for the sake of it’s creators and contributors (including me I guess) because I believe in what they are doing.

I hope those few who might stumbleupon this blog might find just  little time to go and check it out.

In honour of this innauguration I will post here links to the websites of the photographers currently listed as wozofoto contributors!

These guys are all more talented than I so if you like me you will love them.

Well, this is a photography blog and it is MY photography blog so here is a cheeky little angel! This, and the rest of the set,  was taken to clear my head and focus my eye.

As you may be aware, dear reader, I am shooting in a Church. A BIG one. The great thing about a church is that there is HEAPS of detail. However, when you hunt for these details you can get lost in them. And so, when my head was spinning and I didn’t know which way to point my lens or what detail to capture I hit the ocular reset button by hunting for angels. A repeating and specific theme with just enough variation to keep us interested (you and I that is). A voir la!

See y’all next time.