Wozzz uuupppp!!! Fine art prints is what!

by jeffarmstrong

I love this photo. I have it hanging on my bedroom wall and it always seems to follow my mood. Happy, it’s the seaside; depressed, a fogy grey day; excited, a path to something unknown et cetera. You get the idea.

Today’s blog is not about that however. Today is about wozofoto.com. It is a new idea and a great opportunity for a select few to get some work ‘out there’. The photos are selected by the wozofoto team daily and are posted on the website for sale each day FOR ONE DAY ONLY. This has generated a lot of interest and the company is having great success.

You can subscribe to their blog to be updated but by then the picure you love may be gone!

I am not the most exciting blogger so, in good old hack reporting style, I have lifted a short description from the sites FAQ page:

“What is wozofoto?

wozofoto provides fine art photography at unbeatable prices. Every day a new photograph from a different photographer is posted and everyday it’s the same price: $10. Our goal is to bring you amazing photography that you’d be proud to have on your wall, at a price you can’t resist.

The photo of the day will change at midnight CST.”

Well, if that doesn’t answer your questions, nothing will.

Also this evening I had the beautiful St. Mary’s chapel in the Cracow Dominican church all to myself. With the help of  Macin (I don’t know his surname) and my good friend brother Tomek (I know his surname but I will spare him the fan mail) we built a 15 meter scaffold upon which I sat happily documenting some of the most beautiful ceilings I have had the pleasure of being close to. These images I have to share, but alas, it is one a.m. here and I require some rest to do it all again tomorrow.

By tomorrow night I will have to show these. 99% of the images just WANTED to be taken. Pop a strobe here and a strobe there and click/flash, easy as a bubble bath! I had to battle for some but we won’t talk about those.

And so farewell to all. Happy clicking.

Jeff (big yawn and a stretch and where is my pillow)