Today I will do something strange…

by jeffarmstrong

and recommend two bloggers on my blog that nobody reads 😀

The first is John Paul Caponigro. Once you get past the fact that he is always selling stuff he does bring up some very interesting topics which are always a good place to begin your own research.

The other is Joe McNally who is one of the most entertaining photography bloggers I have ever read! I am never quite sure what the point is but I always find myself feeling enlightened by him somehow.

And, just so you don’t think I am just being lazy, here is one of my own images and some thoughts from my head.

Jeff Armstrong on Flickr

While rumaging around amoungst the treasures hidden at the back of the museum/ workshop in which I am working I noticed this beautiful piece of equipment, in working order by the look of it. So, what next? Well there are a dozen dark slides with it and I am sure I can find some 5×4 film somewhere. Stay posted for images on my flickr in the future.