me in Krakow

by jeffarmstrong

me in studio

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This is the beginning of a great adventure.

As well as the obvious (or perhaps not so) spiritual journey, I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Again.

This is me in my makeshift studio in the museum workshop at the Dominican Priory in Krakow. Working with a local conservator, I will be cataloging hundreds of artifacts and relics stored here. This is no easy task. I am fairly well equipped for the job having worked with an archaeologist in a similar role. I know what to expect and am remaining a little more organised than usual.

On top of this I will be aiming to get some great documentary coverage of i) the conservators ii) the monks and iii) the community. I also have a great idea for a series of portraits. So to the grindstone.

At the moment though, being a committed convert, I am just getting a kick out of handling these relics of saints. St. Jacek, the founder of the Dominican’s and St Thomas Aquinas are two of the pieces. No miracles yet, though I am here so its probably enough of a miracle. I am not a big fan of keeping heads and finger bones from our saints but it’s a tradition.

I will continue to blog this experience. If anyone out there is watching, feel free to follow on. If your in Krakow, come by and see the church and priory. It is magnificent.

Cheers from Jeffski