by jeffarmstrong


Originally uploaded by Jeff Armstrong Photography

With my undertaking a new project in food photography I thought I might resurrect an image from my HND days.

This was taken as part of a set project in collaboration with ION magazine that showcases Edinburgh businesses.

My aim was to document local organic food grocery stores of which there happens to be a inordinately large amount n Edinburgh. This particular image was used in the ION magazine. I am particularly proud of this. It was my first photography victory in that it was an image with commercial application i.e. my first published work! YAY!

It doesn’t matter, I guess, that in the print form the editors chose to blow out the highlights and wash out the colours. That, I am told, is something I will just have to get used to. They used my cropping however so I get that satisfaction.

Thanks to Mel’s Bell’s for letting me get in the way for an hour to get these. I can’t remember if I gave her any images in the end??? Should go back and check…