Hello and welcome!

by jeffarmstrong


If your reading this you may know my already. If not, I hope you enjoy.

Back to college today for another year of fun. PDA Photography at Stevenson College, Edinburgh. It is a good group and I am looking forward to the challenge. I still work full-time so I am (politely now!) screwed. We will do these things to ourselves.

This blog is not intended for any particular purpose yet. However it may find uses as my ideas develop. Please feel free to leave comments. You can subscribe to this blog by clicking on ‘Entries RSS’ under ‘META’ and take it from there. That should keep you apprised of my goings and comings.

And please visit my website. The link is below.

Right now, I have a bit of the flu and am trying to ignore it by procrastinating. So far, so good.

Fare well for now and Be Good